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Network solution provider, Brocade Communications, replaced their homegrown software licensing technology with Sentinel RMS, and, as a result, they have not only taken their user experience to the next level, they are also reaping the financial benefits of automating and controlling functionality, access, and distribution of their software-driven network devices.

Brocade Communications is an industry leader in providing reliable, high-performance network solutions that help the world’s leading organizations transition smoothly to a virtualized world, regardless of where their applications and information reside. Brocade’s hardware devices are software driven, and have always employed some form of software licensing to sell and control access to the hardware.

In the beginning, their software licensing technology was largely homegrown. Brocade had no effective method of electronic software delivery, or support for the purchase in terms of validating entitlements or the software download itself. In addition, many of the Brocade licensing and fulfillment processes were manual. Sentinel RMS, with support for a wide range of business models, has improved the way Brocade packages and delivers their products. With the addition of Sentinel RMS software licensing technology, Brocade can now sell a low-end version of their hardware and enable their customer to grow into the high-end version when they are ready.

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