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This live webinar will look at how Industrial IoT vendors can add a recurring revenue component to their product portfolio.

Whether you are a device manufacturer or software developer, you probably realize that the Industrial IoT is revolutionizing the type of offering you bring to market. The advent of the IoT has given rise to new pricing and business models, however, their implementation is still in its infancy.

What stops you, as Industrial IoT vendors, from adding recurring revenue-based offerings to your product portfolio? How can you differentiate yourself when hardware is becoming commoditized and a lot of software is becoming open-source?

In this session, we will explore:

-Market drivers of innovative business models in the Industrial IoT
-Methods of implementing an innovative pricing strategy for Industrial IoT products
-Reasons for implementing the licensing technology for OPC products
-Challenges and opportunities of adopting software as a service business model for OPC products

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