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Gemalto’s second Ask the Experts session of the year, featuring Amy Konary, Research VP of Software Licensing and Provisioning at IDC, and Mark Seery, Sr. Director, Strategy and Corp Development at Juniper Networks. This live webinar looks at how cloud and virtualization are expediting the adoption of software business models and what this means for intelligent device vendors and software providers.

For a long time now, many product or device-oriented companies have been attempting to shift the primary focus of their business from shipping boxes to delivering positive outcomes for customers. The success of this approach typically involves a transition to new business models that rely more heavily on software to help cultivate customer relationships and future-proof business processes. This webinar focuses on strategies for using software business models and monetization approaches to successfully launch or grow innovative businesses.

Key questions answered include:

-What are the key forces driving this transformation?
-Which key business model elements must be in place?
-How are software and service supply chains fundamentally different from traditional product supply chains?
-What technology considerations should I focus on to enable this business?
-Who are the top 3 stakeholders within my organization and how should they adapt to this transformation?

For many companies in the midst of this kind of transformation, one of the biggest challenges is getting buy-in from the various internal stakeholders. Unless a company’s management recognizes the new business as a growth engine that is key to its future health, it will be hard to get the support needed for a successful transition. Mark Seery talks about his company’s efforts in moving from a hardware to software-centric business and his overall vision for where Juniper is heading.

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