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This live webinar looks at how ‘servitization’ – the shift from manufacturer to service provider – is completely redefining the traditional manufacturing business model.

Although the trend has recently been gaining traction, servitization is not a new concept. It was first introduced in the 1980s, when Rolls-Royce and General Electric radically changed the way aircraft engines were sold. These companies began selling engine “power by the hour” instead of selling individual engines. The airlines were then able to pay according to the utilization of their planes, rather than paying everything up front.

Rolls-Royce inspires a growing number of manufacturers to view “product as a service” as a core component of their overall value proposition and a revenue generator in itself.

Topics covered include:

-Reasons why manufacturers are moving toward service models
-Practical challenges of servitization within manufacturing
-Types of services offered
-Customer insights

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